Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Asthma Australia is our nation’s most trusted consumer peak body for people living with asthma. Our work aims for no life to be restricted by their asthma and a bold goal to halve avoidable asthma hospitalisations. As a for-purpose, not-for-profit organisation and registered ACNC Charity, we act intentionally with our partners, supporters and major donors on working towards this goal.  All Asthma Australia partners and supporters must comply with our product endorsement policy and our sponsorship and partnership policy*, as well as align with our values, mission and goals. 

We are incredibly grateful to work with the following organisations and individuals who are committed to helping us improve the lives of people affected by asthma.  

We thank our financial and inkind contributors for the current Financial Year 21/22 – Government, Corporate, Estates/Trusts/ Foundations, Grants, Major Donors, Community Fundraisers, Business/Academic and Community supporters. 

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner or supporter of Asthma Australia, please visit our Corporate Partnerships page.

Government Funding

  • Australian Government Department of Health  
  • The ACT Health Directorate  
  • The NSW Government Department of Health  
  • The QLD Government Department of Health  
  • The QLD Government Department of Education  
  • The SA Government, Wellbeing SA  
  • The TAS Government Department of Health  
  • The Adelaide Primary Health Network  
  • The Country South Australia Primary Health Network 

Primary Health Networks

The Adelaide Primary Health Network
The Country South Australia Primary Health Network

Corporate Supporters

  • 4DMedical 
  • AstraZeneca
  • Beyond Bank
  • Chiesi
  • Cipla
  • echamber
  • ENT Technologies
  • Figurehead Construction
  • Fort Knox Self Storage
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Philips Respironics
  • Respiratory & Sleep Service
  • Ritchies Supermarkets & Liquor Stores
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Sanofi-Pasteur 
  • South Australia Power Networks
  • TerryWhite 
  • White Magic

Grants, Trusts and Foundations

  • The Zoe Kennedy Foundation 
  • M.A & V.L Perry Foundation 
  • Philanthropy Australia 


  • The Estate of the late Lindsay James Baldy 
  • The Estate of the late Queenie Lilian Elizabeth Baker 
  • The Estate of the late Florence Maud Colmer 
  • The Estate of the late Jack Jacobs 
  • The Estate of the late Anita McKenzie 
  • The Estate of the late George Pethard 
  • The Estate of the late Hilda Eugene Rose 
  • The Estate of the late Allen Sampson 
  • The Estate of the late Evelyn Ramson 
  • The Estate of the late Thomas and Vera Condie Trust 
  • The Estate of the late Gwendolyn Una Thomas 
  • The Estate of the late Audrey Eva Ward 
  • The Estate of the late Joe White 
  • The Estate of the late Geoffrey Burfoot 
  • The Estate of the late Alice Livingston-Vail

Major Donors $5k+

  • Jun Aoki

Community Fundraisers $1k+

  • Olivia Bird
  • Cameron Hobby Memorial Golf Day
  • Natalie Coall and Nathan Symonds
  • In Memory of Savanna
  • NSW Women’s Bowl for Others Club 

Business, Academic and Community Supporters

  • The George Institute for Global Health  
  • Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation – UTS  
  • Comprehensive Care Ltd (New Zealand)  
  • Consumer Health Forum  
  • Environmental Justice Australia  
  • Doctors for the Environment  
  • Brisbane South Primary Health Network  
  • Brisbane North Primary Health Network  
  • Mackay Hospital and Health Service  
  • State Schools Nursing Service – Department of  
  • Education Queensland  
  • South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network (Coordinare)  
  • Murrumbidgee Local Health District  
  • MediaCast
  • National Association of Aboriginal and Torres Strait  
  • Islander Health Workers and Practitioners  
  • Agency for Clinical Innovation (NSW Health)  
  • Reed Medical Education  
  • Ritchies Supermarkets & Liquor Stores  
  • Quit Tasmania (Cancer Council Tasmania)  
  • Quitline  
  • The Salvation Army  
  • Job Prospects  
  • Sarina Russo  
  • CVGT  
  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia Tasmanian Branch  
  • Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)  
  • Centenary institute, University of Technology, Sydney  
  • Centre for Air, Pollution and Energy Research (CAR)  
  • Capital Health Network – ACT PHN  
  • Health Talk Australia 


* We accept funding from pharmaceutical companies in line with our partnership and sponsorship policy, which requires absolute transparency, and complies with the Medicines Australia guidelines for health consumer organisations working with pharmaceutical companies. Partnerships with pharmaceutical companies will only be progressed when there is evident and meaningful respect for Asthma Australia’s independence and the public’s trust is achieved and maintained. This means Asthma Australia maintains full control over any resource, campaign, program or material. Asthma Australia intends to maintain an impartial position when it comes to goods and services, as such Asthma Australia will not endorse any individual product. Where there is evidence that suggests a product category, or type of good, or style of service will indeed benefit people with asthma, Asthma Australia will seek to promote the category as a whole.