Each year at back to school time, your child is at a higher risk of their asthma flaring up. As their parent or carer, there are things you can do to help your child stay well.  

Did you know that all you need for back to school time is your child’s updated written Asthma Action Plan, a spacer and reliever medicine? Sometimes schools may ask for a School Care Plan as well, but this isn’t actually needed if you’ve got an up-to-date Asthma Action Plan. Your Asthma Action Plan needs to be completed by a doctor and can be provided in either colour or black and white. You can find both versions of our Asthma Action Plan below. 

Your Doctor Must Complete Your Child’s Asthma Action Plan Before You Can Take It To School

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Competition Winners:

  • A. Gonzalez – NSW
  • A. Ferris – NSW
  • C. Manning – VIC
  • M. Hossain – QLD
  • C. Wood – WA
  • H. Lannin – VIC
  • J. Burrows – QLD
  • J. Wilson – TAS
  • L. Melville – NSW
  • K. Halbert – WA
  • K. Smith – NSW
  • B. Sedman – NSW
  • R. Pritchett – NSW
  • R. Aisbett – QLD
  • R. Mishra – NSW
  • J. Sharpe – WA
  • C. Payen – QLD
  • M. Wolstenholme – SA
  • S. Ockert – QLD
  • H. Shaw – VIC

This year, to celebrate back to school time we gave kids the chance to win one of 20 prize packs worth over $150 each! Each winner received a $100 Smiggle voucher, two wonderful asthma kids books and a new spacer for home or school. 

To help your child set and achieve their asthma goal at school, they can play our asthma adventure game. This game lets them set their own personal goal and work towards achieving it.   

Download, print and play our new asthma adventure game with your kids to achieve their asthma goal and have fun along the way! 

Are you a school? Click here to complete the Schools Health Check.



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