Will you give a Christmas gift and save families from the “sheer terror” of asthma?Christmas bauble

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“The only way to describe that feeling is sheer terror,” says Warwick. “It feels like you’re trying to breathe but you can’t get to the end of your breath.”

62-year-old Warwick has experienced the sheer terror of asthma attacks throughout his life. The fear of having an attack never goes away – and at this time of year, it only grows.

The Australian summer can be dangerous for people affected by asthma, with hay fever and smoke from bush fires. Even the Christmas celebrations are full of danger. Dust on Christmas trees and decorations, food and drink – it can all trigger an attack.

Now that he’s a grandfather, Warwick is even more fearful. Because there’s only one thing more terrifying than having an asthma attack – and that’s seeing it happen to someone you love.

“My granddad died from asthma”, says Warwick, “and my dad had it before me. My daughter was diagnosed with asthma when she was in primary school. Now she thinks that her daughters, six and nine, might have it too.

“I feel terribly guilty that the kids have got asthma from me, through the genes. When I think about what happened to my granddad, and what could happen to someone else in the family… it’s really hard.”

Tragically, over 400 people die from asthma every year. But this Christmas, you can attack asthma back. Please will you give a gift to fund vital education and research, so families like Warwick’s no longer have to live in fear of asthma?

Did you know that of the 37,000 hospitalisations every year due to asthma, 80% can be avoided? Knowledge saves lives – and today, you can provide that lifesaving knowledge.

By funding our education programs, you can make sure that people know how to breathe and live better. And you can help take the message to schools, so staff are aware how to keep young people like Warwick’s grandchildren safe from asthma.

You can also fund our research, finding better ways to diagnose, treat and manage asthma – and even one day find a cure. But we need to raise more funds by 25 December, to make sure that our programs can go ahead next year.

So please give now to fund vital education and research – and attack asthma back. This Christmas, you can help create a future where families like Warwick’s no longer have to go through the “sheer terror” of an asthma attack.