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Right now in Australia, 2.7 million people are living with asthma, and hundreds of people are still dying from asthma attacks each year. Asthma is often dismissed as non-serious condition, coined “it’s just asthma.” But the reality is that it can be a debilitating chronic condition that costs workplaces, schools and the healthcare system billions of dollars each year, and moreover, it stops people from reaching their full potential, living a life that is free and unrestricted by its constraints.


As the leading asthma peak body, we are well placed to lead the work needed to influence the change that is needed for people with asthma in Australia. We are committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of people with asthma to drive progress. No one else is playing this role – so if we, if we don’t step up to champion the needs of people with asthma, the problem will continue to persist.

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