Fundraising Ideas

PJ Day school

Get your school or workplace to wear their PJs

Get your school, childcare centre or workplace to wear their PJs for the day and make a donation to participate. It’s as easy as that!

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PJ Day sport

Get your sports club or community group involved

Ask your team, sports club or community group to support people with asthma. We’ve had karate clubs, yoga classes and rotary clubs all join in.

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PJ Day slippers

Wear your slippers for a good cause

Ever woke up and wished you could just stay in your slippers all day? Well now you can, all while helping out people with asthma.

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PJ Day work

Sponsor your boss or teacher to wear their PJs

Rally the troops and sponsor your boss or teacher to wear their PJs or slippers for the day.

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PJ Day party

Hold a PJ Party

You could host a PJ party, just invite all your friends, family and work/school mates and charge an entry fee to your exclusive shindig.

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PJ Day cake stall

Hold a Tea or Cake Stall

Get baking and sell your treats to raise funds while wearing your PJs!….. Plus it’s a great excuse to eat some cake.

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PJ Day sleepover

PJ Day Sleepover

Rent some movies, get the popcorn out and enjoy a good old fashioned sleepover. Just remember to ask people for a donation to attend.

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PJ Day breakfast

Hold a PJ Day Breakfast

Not sure about wearing your PJs all day? Why not have a breakfast cook off and everyone can join in to celebrate the most important meal of the day while supporting a great cause.

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PJ Day fashion parade

Host a PJ Day Fashion Parade

Are you a fashionista who loves any excuse to get dressed up? Then hold a PJ fashion parade where people can awarded prizes for the best and daggiest PJs.

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Don’t know anyone taking part and not quite daring enough to wear your PJs? You can donate online to PJ Day and support critical asthma research and education programs. Donate Here.

For more information call our team.