At Asthma Australia we are committed to helping people with asthma to breathe so they can live freely.

There is no cure and asthma remains a lifelong disease.

It is only through education and training that we can improve the lives of people with asthma, and we’re working on that.

It is only through research and science that we can generate new ways to prevent, treat – and ultimately cure – asthma. We’re working on that, too.

At Asthma Australia we thank all our supporters, from the people who volunteer in our community shops, to school students who dress up for PJ Day, to our generous regular donors.

Public fundraising contributes about one-third of our revenue, providing assistance, education and empowerment for people who have asthma.

Regular donations allow us to have reliable income streams so we can plan and give hope to people living with asthma. It also reduces administration fees, so the money can be directed where it is needed most.

Asthma Australia provides an annual receipt for taxation purposes that summarises your donations throughout the year.

Signing up is easy! Nominate how much you would like to donate monthly, then contact us on 07 3252 7677 or email  to set up your automated gift.