Support from your doctor after an asthma attack. 

After an asthma attack, it is best to: 

  • Have a check-up with your normal doctor within 3 days.  
  • Follow up again with a longer appointment in 2-4 weeks to have a closer look at your asthma care. 

Find out more about what an Asthma Review should cover here. 

Use our helpful Asthma Review Worksheet to guide your next visit with your doctor. 

Call our friendly asthma educators on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) to help explore what things to ask and tell your doctor. 

Finding a doctor 

We know that finding a doctor can be tricky due to: 

  • Access – remote location, transport, limited GP services, languages other than English, disabilities 
  • Cost – bulk-billing practices or privately billed, cost of longer appointments 
  • Priorities – other issues or health problems may seem more urgent 
  • Finding a doctor who understands your needs 

Talk to people you know about doctors in your area. You can also ask other local health services or use to find a doctor. 

Here is a list of questions to ask the practice when looking for a new doctor: 

  • Are you taking new patients? 
  • Can I see the same doctor each time? 
  • Are there any doctors who have a special interest in asthma care? 
  • Does your practice do Spirometry? 
  • Does your practice do Asthma Action Plans to take home? 
  • Have you been diagnosed with asthma for longer than 6 months? You may be eligible for a General Practice Management Plan (GPMP) for your asthma. This may give you access to other allied health services with a Medicare rebate. Ask whether any doctors could write one for you. 
  • Does your practice Bulk-Bill? 
  • Are there extra costs for a longer appointment or asthma reviews? 
  • Are you open weekends and are there extra charges for weekend appointments? 

Some other websites to help choose a doctor: The role of a GP  

Choosing Wisely: 5 questions to ask your doctor or other healthcare provider before you get any test, treatment, or procedure 


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