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Lifecard Personal Health Record is available via a web browser or through the Apple App and Google Play Stores. You and your family have immediate access to your most important health information where ever you go.

About Global Health

Global Health Limited is committed to working with the wider healthcare industry to improve the overall patient journey.

Global Health collaborates with our industry partners, so the best possible business and healthcare outcomes are achieved.

About the Partnership

Asthma Australia is pleased to announce a new partnership with Australian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited’s, Lifecard, a consumer health platform.

Almost three million Australian’s live with asthma, placing a huge and largely hidden burden on the community with costs estimated at $28million. Almost half of people living with asthma do not have control of their condition, with air pollution and recent weather events further impacting the incidence and severity of asthma.

Asthma Australia’s partnership with Lifecard, helps people with asthma as well as parents and carers, to better record and track their asthma medical history through the Lifecard app.

People with asthma will often see more than one health professional over the course of time, even multiple visits to different emergency departments. Lifecard can help people with asthma and their carers to share information with their care team and empower them to work in tandem with their healthcare professionals.

Here are 5 ways Lifecard can assist those living with, or supporting those with Asthma:

The Lifecard app is free and available for download via the Apple App or Google Play stores with some third-party content and modules available for additional fees.


In the future, data from your smartwatch or trends detected using an app on your smartphone might help to determine when your asthma symptoms may flare up. 

The trend to digital healthcare has started, and it has only accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Industry experts predict it will lead to a healthcare system that is more evidence-based and less error-prone. 

But it also aims to put people at the centre of patient care. 

This is how the rise of technology can help you manage your health and your asthma. 

Learn more about how technology is changing the management of your health here.   

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