National Asthma Research Agenda Project

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Asthma Australia is leading a new research project to identify the most important future priorities for asthma research from the perspective of consumers, clinicians and policy makers.

This will lead to the development of a National Asthma Research Agenda, which will help to prioritise asthma research in a coordinated and structured way, ensuring we can collectively and positively impact the lives of people with asthma.

Why is funding this research project important? 

The 2018 National Asthma Strategy (NAS) outlines a targeted and comprehensive approach to optimise asthma diagnosis and management in Australia. It identifies ‘research’ as one of the key enablers of progress in asthma and one of Australia’s key strengths.

However, there is a lack of overarching strategic direction for asthma research in Australia and so the NAS called for the development of a National Asthma Research Agenda.

Asthma Australia is bringing together experts in their fields to guide the development of the National Asthma Research Agenda which will see, for the first time in Australia, a coordinated approach to asthma research in Australia, enabling us to work towards a world where people with asthma can lively freely. We believe it is important that future asthma research priorities are informed by the ideas and experiences of people living with or caring for people with asthma.

What does the research involve?

The processes used in this project are based on the James Lind Alliance in the UK, an organisation established and funded by the National Institute of Health Research to provide an infrastructure and process to help people agree on the most important research, questions, or uncertainties, in their area of interest.

It will include:

  • An online survey to identify the priorities for asthma research from people with asthma and their carers, health professionals and people working in public policy.
  • We will analyse the responses to the survey and categorise these into different themes.
  • These themes will be discussed and prioritised at a series of online workshops.

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