Honours Scholarship for Asthma Research

Asthma Australia’s vision is that all people with asthma breathe better so they can live freely with their asthma. We realise that breathing is not exclusively the responsibility of the medical sector but that it is impacted by the myriad social and environmental factors we’re surrounded by. We have done significant work developing our understanding of these social determinants of a person’s asthma health and now we look to how we can use our research program to address them.

Which is why we invite Australia’s future researchers to apply for a $6,000 Honours Scholarship to seed new asthma research and/or support current asthma research programs.

Asthma Australia is dedicated to supporting upcoming researchers to enter and continue in the field of asthma research. We want to meet the next generation of asthma researchers whose career aims to improve the lives of people with asthma, and whose field of academic interest may not necessarily be steeped in medical science.

We are excited to announce this opportunity of a $6,000 honours scholarship to encourage students into the field of asthma research.

About the honours scholarship

This scholarship is available for supervisors to apply for. The successful applicant’s administering university will then be responsible for awarding the scholarship to an honour’s student to begin in the second trimester 2023, with view to complete the work within one year. Asthma Australia should be engaged in the selection of the honours student.

The scholarship is valued at $6,000 for one year only.

Information for applicants

The successful applicant will receive a grant agreement/contract from Asthma Australia. This is expected to be returned to Asthma Australia within one month. The offer may lapse if both parties do not sign the grant agreement within this time.

Any questions please contact research@asthma.org.au 

Grant Type Honours Scholarship
Priority Area Applicants honours project must address / align to one of the following strategic priority areas for Asthma Australia:   

  • Describing or quantifying the climate change adverse cycle for people with asthma.   
  • Understanding and describing the environmental impact of the use and/or disposal of asthma inhalers on the environment.   
  • Understanding what people with asthma think and feel about climate change, and its impact on their asthma.   
  • Understanding the interactions between culture and presence of asthma triggers in the home, particularly gas heating and cooking.   
  • Understanding or describing the design characteristics of an “asthma friendly home,” or quantifying the benefits for people with asthma.   
  • Economic evaluation of interventions which reduce the risk of triggers in the home (e.g. gas stove replacement subsidies).  
  • Economic evaluation of evidence-based air quality interventions (e.g. air purifiers, air quality interventions in schools).    

Asthma Australia is happy to further discuss and refine the project with the successful applicant.

Location National
Total Amount Available $6,000 scholarship payment (excl. GST)
Project Duration 1 year
Project Start Date Successful applicant is expected to have a student commence for the scholarship in trimester 2 2023, unless discussed prior with Asthma Australia.
  • Applications to be submitted by supervisor  
  • Project will be related to asthma  

See also any eligibility specified in the Guide for applicants.   

Applications Open October 2022
Applications Close 5pm Monday 3rd April 2023 

No late applications excepted.

Relevant Documents Application form

Application form and assessment guide

Announcement of Outcomes Week commencing 1st May 2023