Managing asthma and allergies is an important part of asthma care. As we move into the spring season, health professionals play a critical role in providing information and support to people with asthma, particularly with current COVID-19 lockdown conditions, and the difficulty of asthma and COVID-19 symptoms being similar. On this page, you can find our latest spring resources to support you in treating people with asthma this season.

Spring is an important time for asthma patients to begin to organize their prevention strategies, ensure an adequate supply of medication, and adjust their asthma control plan to reflect the new environmental triggers the season brings.

We have collated the following resources to help you open the lines of communication with your patients and remind them of the important asthma discussions we should be having at this time of year.

Our goal this year is to promote prevention, and the ways people can prepare for spring season early. We hope that the important discussions about spring asthma can start now and we can secure better health outcomes with these issues in mind.

Our Spring Asthma Pack for health professionals contains the following resources:

  • Asthma and hay fever infographic
  • Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis fact sheet – health professionals and pharmacists
  • Asthma and AIT consumer fact sheet
  • Asthma, hay fever and COVID-19
  • Thunderstorm asthma info sheet
  • Written Asthma Action Plan template
  • Asthma Connect Flyer
  • Asthma Australia referral form
  • Get continuous support for your asthma patients brochure
  • Think GP health professional training brochure

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