If you have lost or damaged your certificate, you can request a replacement. The student must complete the Certificate Reprint Request Form (below) to apply for a reprint. The student must complete as many details on the form as possible.

There is an $22.00 fee for reprints of certificates that have been lost or need reprinting due to spelling mistakes (Certificates are printed in accordance with how your name is spelt according to students USI numbers and how it is written on the student’s enrolment forms.)

The name appearing on a replacement certificate shall normally be the same name which appeared on the original certificate. In cases where the students name has changed after the course, documentary evidence must be provided before a replacement certificate can be issued in the new name.

If a certificate is issued with incorrect spelling as a result of Asthma Australia Staff, there will be no fee for the re-print.

To request a certificate re-print click here