All participants who undertake a course or programme that leads to a full or partial completion of a national qualification are assessed in accordance with the relevant training package requirements using the approved assessment tools developed and implemented by Asthma Australia. The assessment process, tools and judgments of the assessments are reviewed and validated each year. Assessments are conducted by qualified assessors or by a person who has industry/vocational expertise in partnership with a qualified assessor either in the workplace or from Asthma Australia.

Issuing Statements of Attainments and Qualifications

Statements of Attainments will be issued to students who meet the required outcomes of a Unit of Competency or Accredited Course, in accordance with all relevant National Guidelines, acknowledging that such Statements are nationally recognised.

Asthma Australia will endeavour to issue Statement of Attainments and Qualifications to students 21 days from the completion of the course.

Letters of completing can be issued upon request by the student, if record of completion of the course is needed before hand.


Asthma Australia is committed to marketing its training services in an accurate, ethical and responsible manner.

Asthma Australia will provide potential students with accurate, relevant and up-to-date information.

Complaints and Appeals

Asthma Australia is committed to and guided by the principles of its Complaints and Appeals policy:

  • Ensuring complaints processes are easily accessible and understandable regard less of location or mode of study
  • Ensuring timely and fair consideration of all complaints with a view to facilitating fair solutions
  • Attempting to resolve complaints about the status of an investigation into a complaint
  • Ensuring complainants are informed promptly in writing of decisions and reasons for decisions
  • Providing clear avenues for review and appeal for students
  • Taking appropriate action to address and systemic issues identified through the investigation of complaints

Record Keeping

Asthma Australia is committed to keeping complete and accurate records of the attendance and progress of learners and where applicable, financial records of payments and charges and the balance due and provides copies of these records upon request. All staff employed by Asthma Australia are required to apply themselves to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth).

Continuous Quality Control

Asthma Australia will seek feedback from student’s, trainers and clients on their satisfaction of the courses and services provided by Asthma Australia. Asthma Australia will collect this feedback from a minimum 10% of their students using AQTF Questionnaires and Feedback forms designed for their specific enrolment.

Asthma Australia will use this feedback to guide future training and services.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Asthma Australia recognises previous experiences and competencies that participants may have. Recognition of Prior Learning is available to participants who can demonstrate competencies within the area they have enrolled.