In accordance with the requirements of the Standards RTOS 2015, Asthma Australia provides the opportunity for students to apply to have prior learning recognised toward a qualification or units of competence for which they are enrolled.

For RPL to be granted the course applicant must provide quality evidence that they:

  • —Have attained the competencies described in the unit/s of competency that they are claiming
  • —Possess current competency in the unit/s that are being claimed
  • —Possess the required underpinning knowledge specified in the unit/s of competency
  • —Has applied the relevant competencies in a context that is applicable to providing first aid. The evidence, which has been gathered by the assessor or the candidate, as proof of current competency may take a variety of forms and could include certification, references from past employers, testimonials from clients and work samples.

It is up to the student to compile the evidence, in consultation with a trainer once they have enrolled. Evidence documents will be assessed against the rules of evidence namely:

  • —Validity
  • —Authenticity
  • —Currency
  • —Sufficiency

The recognition of prior learning (RPL) process will be offered to and explained to all relevant candidates. All candidates will have access to the RPL policy via the Asthma Australia website.  Candidates who believe they have already obtained current skills and knowledge that would otherwise be covered in the qualification / unit of competence for which they intend to attain, should apply for RPL.

For each unit being pursued via RPL, the following process is available:


  1. Contact Student Support for a RPL pre-assessment form
  2. Complete the RPL pre-assessment form
  3. Consult with their trainer regarding the RPL self-assessment
  4. If going ahead, the student will complete enrolment in the course.
  5. Student will complete the full RPL Application Kit, attach all relevant documentation and send to the trainer via email.
  6. A trainer will review the information that is provided and follow up with an interview with the student. During the interview/conversation the student will have the opportunity to discuss and identify their previous experience with the trainer.

Following their interview and consideration of the documented evidence, the trainer will provide feedback about the application.