Student Rights Asthma Australia recognises that students have the right to:

  • —expect the provision of high quality training that recognises their individual learning styles and needs;
  • —have access to all services regardless of educational background, gender, marital status, sexual preference, race, colour, pregnancy, national origin, ethnic or socioeconomic background, physical or intellectual impairment, and religious or political affiliation;
  • —have their prior learning, acquired competencies, and experience appropriately recognised in determining their requirements for training and assessment;
  • —be advised of the learning outcomes and prescribed assessment tasks for the training
  • —program of their choice prior to its commencement;
  • —appeal for a review of the results of an assessment;
  • —learn from fully qualified and competent Trainers who observe their responsibility to address students’ learning needs, assist them to achieve the course outcomes, and assess their students’ work fairly;
  • —learn in an appropriately appointed, safe and clean learning environment, free of all forms of harassment and discrimination;
  • —be treated with dignity and fairness;
  • —expect that Asthma Australia will be ethical and open in their dealings, their communications and their advertising;
  • —expect that Asthma Australia will observe their duty of care to them; efficient handling of administrative matters and in the processing of fees, concessions, refunds etc;
  • —privacy and confidentiality, and secure storage of student records in accordance with the organisation’s policies, to the extent permitted by law.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for:

  • —understanding and accepting the enrolment conditions for the courses they undertake.
  • —providing accurate information about themselves at time of enrolment, and to advise Asthma Australia of any changes to their address or phone numbers within 7 days.
  • —providing all required enrolment information, including proof of identity where required.
  • —paying of all fees and charges associated with their course and providing their own course requirements where notified.
  • —recognising the rights of staff and other students to be treated with dignity and fairness, and behaving in an appropriate and acceptable manner towards them.
  • —ensuring they attend classes sober and drug free, and smoke only in designated areas
  • —contribute to learning in a harmonious and positive manner irrespective of gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, marital status, disability or religious beliefs.
  • —Actively participating and monitoring their own progress by ensuring assessment deadlines are observed.
  • —the security of their personal possessions while attending a course.
  • —promptly reporting all incidents of harassment or injury to their trainer or Asthma Australia administration office.
  • —respecting Asthma Australia and their partner’s property and observing policy guidelines and instructions for the use of equipment.
  • —seeking clarification of their rights and responsibilities when in doubt.

Student Punctuality

Students should be at the course at least 15 minutes prior to the start of training. Some courses have enrolment proof of identity requirements and students must be able to satisfy these prior to attendance. Failure to be on time may preclude you from attending. Transfer to another course is possible, but a refund in these circumstances will not be available.

To ensure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff the following rules are enforced by Asthma Australia,

  • —Alcohol is NOT permitted in the training environment.
  • —Smoking is not permitted in and around the training environment.
  • —Chewing gum is not permitted in and around the training environment.
  • —Illegal drugs are not permitted in the training environment.

A student who appears to be affected by drugs or alcohol cannot attend training. Firearms and knives cannot be brought to the training course. You must NOT bring any firearms, knives or any kind of weapons to the training course. Anybody found with any sort of weapons will be expelled from the course and will be reported to the Police. Clothing should be neat and tidy. We suggest overalls or long pants for any students who are attending practical courses such as first aid, confined spaces etc.

All litter to be removed following the class, lipstick should not be worn when you are attending first aid courses because of the stain it may leave on manikin faces.

As the premises of many training facilities are open to the public, students are advised not to leave their valuables unsupervised. Asthma Australia or its partners cannot be held responsible for anything which may be stolen from training premises.

Medical Problems

Students who have medical issues that could affect their performance in the training course should identify this to the enrolment officer or to their trainer. Asthma Australia reserves the right to call an ambulance for assistance if you collapse and require attention.


Please do not make or receive calls or text whilst the trainer is conducting training. If it is expected that you might get an urgent call, please communicate this possibility to the trainer before the course begins.

Student misconduct & disciplinary procedures

Asthma Australia will not tolerate misconduct under any circumstance and a student may be asked to leave the premises, (or the course) with no refund or recognition of competencies already achieved. Circumstances that may result in a student being asked to leave may include;

  • —Cheating or lying about marks or assessments
  • —Impairing others freedom to pursue their study
  • —Conduct that brings Asthma Australia into disrepute
  • —Plagiarizing material
  • —Failure to comply with reasonable instruction or supervision
  • —Conduct that places others at risk
  • —Assault to any member of our staff or participants including verbal, physical or threatening comments or gestures
  • —Discrimination, harassment (of any sort), disorderly conduct, disruptive, abusive behaviour
  • —Destruction or damage to our property or premises used by Asthma Australia
  • —Stealing any property or equipment belonging to a student or Asthma Australia
  • —Persistent lateness or unacceptable disruption in the classroom
  • —The use of profanities, crass or obscene language, drunkenness or influence by illegal substances
  • —Failure to undertake assessments as set out by Asthma Australia and the AQTF
  • —Behaviour that breaches the Commonwealth Privacy Amendment Act (2014)

Criminal or anti-social behaviour