We think big.  

While we are working to improve the health system and community awareness for people with asthma, we have to prioritise our ambitions. 

We review and revise these priorities regularly to make sure they are meeting those goals. 

Sometimes people suggest new advocacy areas to use and we work with a range of stakeholders to achieve improvements. Areas we are proactively respond to include: 

  • Reducing smoking in public places 
  • Educating about e-cigarettes 
  • Revising tobacco laws 
  • Changing the laws for smoking in units to stop smoke drift 
  • Electric Vehicle Emission policies  

At Asthma Australia, we are always learning from our most important stakeholders: people with asthma and their carers. 

So we welcome your ideas, your voice and your solutions. 

Help us help you and champion the changes you want to see. When the two million people with asthma speak, we know Australia will listen. 

Join our tribe and become an Asthma Australia champion.