Asthma Australia has joined forces with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) thanks to funding from the Country SA PHN to create an innovative project that will directly help people with asthma in Peterborough, Orroroo and Jamestown in Mid North, South Australia.

This project is bringing together local people with asthma, their families and health professionals who care for them and discusses issues in their asthma care and suggest solutions. These solutions are community driven.

Asthma Australia, TACSI and Country SA PHN believe that community development approaches like this may help people to become better partners in their own care, while helping those around them including health professionals, to provide support measures that are human centred.

The project has recruited a group of people with lived experience of asthma in the local Mid North area. They were trained in effective questioning and conversations and nominated as project ‘Peer Researchers’ to perform interviews in their own community.

From the area around Peterborough, Jamestown, Orroroo, interviewees are now ‘ambassadors for better asthma care’. They have been interviewed in regards to their experiences with asthma management, enablers and room for improvement.

The project team is now working with the local community of people with lived experience of asthma and health professionals to explore what new community driven ideas could be helpful in managing asthma. Together the ‘ambassadors for better asthma care’ will find concepts, or opportunities for improvement, which will be presented to the wider community for discussion and testing.

If you are interested in the project or would like more information, please contact Veronika Seda, Projects and Partnerships Officer, Asthma Australia, on