The Healthcare Professional Education Project aims to create an effective and cost-efficient strategy to build the capacity of health professionals and community agencies to deliver patient centred asthma care.

Asthma is a complex disease and affects everyone differently. We know that taking the time to understand the broader context of a person’s life, helps to inform tailored advice and support which is more likely to be understood and taken on board. There are a wide plethora of treatments for people with asthma, and they are constantly being improved.

Many people turn to their GP as a trusted source of information, however many GPs have not always had timely access to asthma education as treatments and guidelines update. More people are being impacted by asthma, and severe asthma, and with impact of recent extreme weather events, it is more important than ever that GPs are up to date on asthma.

As the first part of our approach, we have partnered with Reed Medical Education to create accredited asthma education for GP’s and other health professionals.

Education will be delivered to a minimum of 3400 health professionals over three years in a blend of formats, including online accredited learning modules and face-to-face sessions. The online component is without restriction, ensuring equal opportunity for regional and remote healthcare professionals.

Asthma Australia committed to funding this project, and received funding from several industry partners to deliver this important project. We would like to thank, Astra Zeneca, Eastern Respiratory Service, ENT Technologies and Stallergenes Greer.