Asthma Australia has convened industry partners including AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi, and Medicines Australia in a Severe Asthma Roundtable group. The Roundtable is working to address key issues for people with asthma trying to navigate the healthcare system. There is a specific focus on people with severe asthma, who have not yet been identified as having a severe form of asthma.   

People at risk of severe asthma are those that have frequent symptoms and flare ups, despite taking inhaled corticosteroids on a daily basisMore knowledge and understanding by GPs is essential in identifying and referring them onto specialists who are able to prescribe biologics/biosimilars, a category of treatment which are proving to be extremely successful for people with severe asthma, and for whom other treatment options have not been effective. 

A number of gaps were highlighted at the first Roundtable meeting held in Sydney in September 2019. The largest area of concern by far is Healthcare Professional education 

As the peak body for people with asthma, we know, and wholeheartedly support, that consumers recognise their GP as a trusted source of asthma information. Therefore, the best outcome for people with asthma, is to quickly and broadly upskill GPs right across Australia to deliver patient-centred asthma care. 

The outcomes and projects from The Roundtable will be delivered and funded by Asthma Australia, with the support of the sector.  

The first action from this Roundtable has been the creation of the Health Professional Education Project.