The Radical Guide to Collaboration

Working together for a better world

The Radical Guide to Collaboration is based on the hard learnings and personal stories of a team of six people across three very different organisations in Australia who came together to find systems-level solutions for community health challenges. We called this guide radical because unlike most guides on collaboration we’re openly sharing what went wrong in our project, what our hard lessons were and how others can avoid them.  We’ve tried to get beyond motherhood statements and surface sentiments to talk about the sticky, challenging reality of working closely with other human beings who may have different backgrounds, languages, needs, pressures and agendas.

This is a Creative Commons publication.



This guide is for anyone who works with other humans and wants that process to be smooth, productive and meaningful. 

Nonprofit organisations who are currently engaged in collaborative work of any kind or who are looking to embark on a collaborative project.

Arts and creative projects who are co-creating events or artistic works with local communities, other artists or councils.

Corporates or small businesses who want to foster better teamwork or are working collaboratively on important projects.

Innovative leaders in the for-purpose space who want to develop cross-sector leadership abilities and support their staff to be skilled at working in collaborative and diverse teams.


This guide was produced in the hope of fostering a better, more collaborative world, and we are keen to support you to use this guide well. Any ideas that aren’t here? Just reach out!

Culture Well and the Radical Guide to Collaboration are joint ventures between Asthma AustraliaWorld Wellness Group and One Health Organisation.

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