Asthma Australia is calling for applications for a PhD scholarship grant

We invite Victorian early career researchers whose research interest is in the area of basic and discovery science and asthma to apply for a 3-year research scholarship worth $45,000 per year.

Over the past ten years the Asthma Australia National Asthma Research Program has resulted in significant contributions to important discovery science, clinical, and population health research projects, as well as PhD Scholarships and research fellowships to promote emerging researchers in the field.

Asthma Australia is dedicated to contributing to vital asthma research to realise our vision of a community free of asthma. That’s why, through the Ray O’Donnell Belgrave Lions Asthma Research Fund, we would like to invite Victorian early career researchers whose research interest is in the area of basic and discovery science and asthma to apply for a 3-year research scholarship worth $45,000 per year.

Discovery science has been at the core of Asthma Australia’s research program for decades. In this time we have had the privilege of funding the early careers of some of the world’s leading asthma researchers, who have contributed enormously to our understanding of asthma, getting us closer to finding a cause and cure and contributing to translation of findings to targeted and novel treatment options.

The 2019/2020 summer bushfires and the novel coronavirus of 2020 has brought this area of asthma research into sharper focus and reinforced the importance of looking deep into the lungs, and how they are impacted by these threats, in order to give clinicians, clinical researchers and consumers hope in regards to what therapies could be available to prevent or treat asthma provoked but such existential threats.

Asthma Australia is keen to hear from Victoria’s next asthma discovery research leader, who will tell us about their discovery research idea and how it will fit in the pathway to improving the lives of people with asthma.

Information for applicants

Grant Type PhD scholarship grant
Priority Area n/a
Location Victoria
Total Amount Available $45,000 per year
Eligibility Applicants must

  • Have relevant post-graduate degrees in related area of research
  • Be supervised by senior researcher in NHMRC registered research institution
  • Not be receiving another scholarship from a different source for the same research project
Application form PhD Scholarship Application form

PhD Scholarship Independent Referee Report form

Applications open 27/10/20
Applications close 25/11/20 No late applications accepted.
Application process
  • Complete the National Asthma Research Program PhD Scholarship Application form and submit to by the closing date
  • Eligible applications will be reviewed and evaluated by Asthma Australia’s Research Advisory Committee. All applications are assessed against a standardised assessment criteria (see below), based on NHMRC best practice templates.
  • Successful applications will be endorsed by the Board.
  • Decision about funding will be announced 10/12/20
Assessment criteria Download the PhD Scholarship Assessment Criteria here. This Assessment Criteria is based on the NHMRC PhD Scholarship Assessment Criteria, and includes the following breakdown:

  • Academic record and research achievement 50%
  • Impact, quality and alignment to priority areas 30%
  • Research environment and supervisor 20%

Please read the Assessment Criteria before completing your application.

Reporting expectations If successful, applicants will provide 6 monthly progress reports to Asthma Australia. Progress reports will include:

  • Any changes to the research,
  • Any issues or delays which might impact the completion of the project,
  • Progress against key milestones, · Outcomes, and
  • Publications, presentations, collaborations and additional funding which have arisen as a result of the research.

These should be provided in language appropriate for a lay audience.

Affiliation and acknowledge Successful applicants must ensure (wherever possible) Asthma Australia’s contribution and support of the Project is acknowledged in publications or presentations related to the research.

Any questions please contact