4DMedical and Asthma Australia are similarly committed to sustaining a nation of healthier, happier people. In 2021, Asthma Australia and 4DMedical announced, what will hopefully be a long-lived partnership, recognising a mutual commitment to promote awareness of asthma and related lung health, and to share connections and expertise enabling more Australians to lead safe and satisfying lives.

Asthma Australia is fortunate to have an established network of experts who can be accessed via the Professional and Research Advisory Councils to provide guidance and advice, particularly in relation to scientific breakthroughs of potential benefit to people with asthma. The partnership with 4DMedical can accelerate these outcomes, validating technological advances with specific reference to asthma.


4DMedical is a global medical technology company intent on changing outcomes for patients with lung disease by revolutionising respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis.

Their cutting-edge XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS) Ventilation Report is an innovative, first of its kind imaging modality that quantitatively measures the regional lung function. It gives clinicians a clearer picture of lung health for pulmonary disorders including asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and cancer.

They continue to collaborate with many of the world’s leading research institutions and with respected patient advocacy organisations to better understand how it can advance the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of patients with pulmonary disease.

You can learn more about 4DMedical here.