Medicine is a vital part of asthma management.  

The aim of asthma medicine is to control your symptoms, prevent asthma attacks and improve your lung function.  

There’s no cure for asthma, but with the right medicine and support you can get on with living without symptoms.  

Your doctor will try to find the best asthma treatment for you. The aim is to keep your asthma well controlled while using the least amount of medicine. Everyone has different needs and as a result your asthma plan will likely be different to someone else’s.  

Finding out what medicine works best for you can be trial and error. So be sure to track your symptoms and have regular asthma reviews with your doctor.  Ask for an update of your asthma action plan as needed.  

You can get the most out of your medicine by using the right device and technique.  

Using your asthma medicines and devices the right way has many benefits such as: 

  • medicines work better  
  • lowering your chance of side effects  
  • may reduce the number of puffs you need 
  • may save you money. 

 Learn how to use asthma devices and techniques here.  

Asthma medicines are divided into around 3 main groups:  

  • Preventers – This medicine treats your asthma to help keep you symptom free. This includes preventers, combination preventers, non-steroidal preventers 
  • Relievers – This medicine treats symptoms caused by your asthma triggers. This includes relievers and dual-purpose relievers. 
  • Add-On Medicines – Help manage on-going asthma symptoms or severe asthma. This includes long-acting bronchodilators, oral corticosteroids, and monoclonal antibodies. 

For generic names of asthma medicines see list of Active Ingredients Guide for Asthma Medication.  

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