Do complementary therapies help for asthma symptoms?

Complementary therapies are any practices or products which are not treatments offered by mainstream medicine.

A complementary therapy can include treatments, medicine and different ideas and philosophies about why and how disease occurs and it should be treated.

Complementary therapies are also called alternative therapies.

Some therapies have been well researched, while others require more investigation before we know if they are effective in helping with your asthma or not.

Mainstream medicines must go through rigorous clinical testing before they are able to be used as treatments. There is less scientific research and testing for complementary therapies.

If you want to try a complementary therapy, it’s best to talk with your doctor about it.

Some of the treatments can actually be harmful or dangerous.

Your doctor should be open to discussing your interest and options in this area.

Most importantly, don’t change or stop your prescribed asthma medicines without talking with your doctor.

There are many products advertised to reduce asthma triggers, but most of these have not been proven to make any difference to asthma symptoms or reduce flare-ups.

As the leading for-purpose organisation for asthma, Asthma Australia has a clear position on product endorsement.