What is an Asthma Review?

An asthma review (or check-up) is a time planned by your doctor to find out more about your asthma.  

At an asthma review it’s a chance for you to talk about: 

  • any symptoms or  
  • any concerns you may have 
  • your asthma medicines and  
  • perhaps find out other ways to look after your asthma.
What Happens At An Asthma Review?

At your asthma review visit, your doctor (and/or asthma nurse) will talk with you about how you think your asthma is going. They can also give you tips to improve your asthma care at home. 

They will check: 

  • your current asthma symptoms, for example: how often do you need to use your reliever? 
  • if you’ve had any asthma attacks or flare-ups since you last visited 
  • if your lung function test (spirometry) is due – and listen to your chest 
  • what might make your asthma worse, for example maybe other health conditions, stress or being around triggers,  
  • your current asthma medicine– is it working? 
  • how often you are using your asthma medicines and how you use them   
  • any side effects from your asthma medicines 
  • your written Asthma Action Plan
You should be given an updated written Asthma Action Plan to take home as part of your asthma review. It provides you with clear instructions on how to treat your asthma.
  • Make sure it makes sense to you and you can follow the steps.  If you don’t understand it, ask for help from your doctor 
  • If you don’t have one yet, you can download a template here and ask your doctor to complete with you).

Get Your Asthma Action Plan

When Should You Go For An Asthma Review?
When to have a review? Adult Child
Usual Care = no flare ups in past 12 months for adults/6 months children  Every year Every 6 months
Flare up in past 12 months or if you have risk factors  Every 6 months 3-6 months
Pregnancy Every 4-6 weeks
Changes to asthma medicine 1-3 months 1 month
After ED or visit to hospital 3 days, then again within 2-4 weeks 3 days, then again within 2-4 weeks
Severe Asthma At least every 3 months At least every 3 months

If your breathing or condition has changed at all and despite following your Asthma Action Plan it doesn’t improve, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

How To Prepare For An Asthma Review

Use a diary to record your symptoms.  

Keep track for a few weeks (if possible) on your phone’s calendar app or draw up a table (see below) before your asthma review visit with your doctor.

  • Take your current asthma inhalers with you 
  • Take your Asthma Action Plan. If you don’t have one, print a copy to take with you. 
  • Use our Asthma Review Worksheet to help plan your visit to ask about what’s most important for you. 

An asthma review is an important way to help you stay on top of your asthma symptoms and maintain good asthma control. 

Download Asthma Review Worksheet


Book a free call with our Asthma Educators here. They can provide you with support between your doctor’s visits and give you the information you need to feel confident to have a productive conversation with your doctor about your asthma, or that of a loved one.