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How Asthma Australia Helps People with asthma

Evidence-based, best practice information and research

At Asthma Australia we help people to breathe so they can live freely. We work with people with asthma, their family and friends, health professionals, researchers and governments. We find the best treatments and practices to make sure life with asthma is the best it can be. Asthma Australia provides education and training to improve the lives of people with asthma.

The information we provide to people with is well-researched and evidence-based to give an optimal outcome.

We share best-practice information about first-aid and how to respond if someone close to you experiences asthma symptoms. Our Asthma Educators (1800 ASTHMA) assist thousands of people every year to manage their disease in the best way possible.

We also educate the thousands of school staff. They are trained to know what to do when a child has an asthma flare-up or an asthma attack.

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