We are incredibly grateful to have the support from governments, businesses and individuals who are committed to helping us improve the lives of people living with asthma.

We especially thank individuals and families who bequest funds to Asthma Australia to support the work we do, including our research program.

Asthma Australia is the national charity for people with asthma and is not-for-profit. We receive funding from Federal and State and Territory Governments including New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania to support our services. This includes providing resources, information and education around the quality use of medications and our campaigns that help people breathe better.

Asthma Australia receives unrestricted grants from pharmaceutical companies, but you can be confident that we retain full independence of the use of these funds, aligned with Medicines Australia requirements.

With the support of businesses, individuals, communities and governments we will continue doing what we can to reduce the impact asthma is having on Australian lives and families.

For a full breakdown of funding and how it’s spent, please see our latest Impact Report.


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Government Funding

Asthma Australia is supported by the Federal Government through core funding to deliver the Asthma Management Program to Australians living with asthma, including their carers.

We benefit from the support of the Queensland Government, New South Wales Government, Australian Capital Territory Government and Tasmanian Government to bring positive change to people’s lives by better understanding how to manage their asthma.

We thank the federal government and state and territory governments for their ongoing support to help Australians breathe better and reduce the impact of Asthma on Australian lives.

Asthma Australia receives project-specific funding from the Country SA Primary Health Network and the Primary Health Network Tasmania, addressing high rates of asthma in communities. You can find out more about these groundbreaking programs here.