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Two thirds of Australians are impacted by asthma – chances are that you live with asthma, or care for someone who does. In fact, asthma is the leading burden of disease for Australian kids. Right now in Australia, 2.7 million people are currently living with this chronic condition and more than one person is dying from asthma every single day. 

Despite the significant health impact asthma has on the country, it’s often dismissed as a non-serious condition. Statements such as “it’s just asthma” have become commonplace. The truth is that asthma can be a debilitating chronic condition that costs workplaces, schools and the healthcare system billions of dollars each year. Furthermore, it stops people from reaching their full potential and living a life that is free and unrestricted from the constraints of asthma. 

But there is hope. With the right asthma management in place, and creating supportive environments for people to live, work and play, people with asthma can live freely. This is where we can work together to effect real change. 


What’s it like to sponsor us?

At Asthma Australia, we don’t rely on a “one size fits all” approach to sponsorship. We work with you as a professional partner to create bespoke and best practice proposals to suit you and your needs, to ultimately contribute to achieving your business goals.  

We’ve no doubt that each year, you receive hundreds of requests to sponsor events, campaigns and organisations, however, we’re confident that we’re best placed to create a unique partnership that will allow you to also leverage your business and brand. 


Why should you sponsor us?

Although we service people with asthma and their parents and carers, the impacts of asthma ripple widely and deeply into the community. How many of your customers and staff have asthma? How many care about someone with asthma? And how many of them would appreciate the meaningful things we can accomplish for them by working together?  

At Asthma Australia, we are dedicated to finding better treatments, funding research and supporting people’s health to save lives. We work hard through our advocacy around air pollution, climate change and social pressures to make life better for all Australians.  

Asthma is a community issue, and if we work together, collectively millions of Australians will have a better quality of life and will be able to reach their full potential.  


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We would love to work with like-minded businesses who share our values and customer-centric focus. Partner with us to help better the lives of millions of Australians affected by asthma.  

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