Product Endorsement Policy


Asthma Australia’s mission is to help people with asthma and linked conditions to breathe better. This is undertaken through the provision of evidence-based information, education, training, advocacy, and the funding of research. It is imperative that Asthma Australia is an ethical and trusted service. This means information we provide — including information about products — must be evidence-based and relevant. Asthma Australia is the consumer peak body for Australians living with asthma, and as such, we’re focused on putting the needs of consumers at the centre of all we do.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for decision making when considering working with corporate partners or suppliers and to provide a consistent message regarding asthma related products distributed internally and externally.


Pharmaceutical industry support

  1. Medications – Asthma Australia will work in an ethical and appropriate manner with pharmaceutical manufacturers for the benefit of people with asthma. Asthma Australia seeks guidance from a number of organisations; including but not limited to advice from Medicines Australia, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Consumer Health Forum (CHF).Asthma Australia will not promote one brand of medication over another where the brands have identical active ingredients. Asthma Australia may from time to time highlight alternatives for a registered health professional to consider, if that brand or device better suits the clients specific need for example salbutamol in an autohaler (Airomir) over salbutamol in an inhaler (Asmol or Ventolin) due to a client’s dexterity.

Product endorsements

  1. Medical Devices – Asthma Australia supports the work of the TGA and is guided by their advice on approved medical devices for asthma and related conditions. Asthma Australia also seeks evidence from manufactures around any claims made of their products.In accordance with this Asthma Australia only recommends the use of TGA regulated products.
  2. Other Consumer Goods – Asthma Australia will not enter into any alliance or partnership with any corporation or organisation where the association with the prospective partner or acceptance of the sponsorship would jeopardise the financial, legal or moral integrity of Asthma Australia or adversely impact upon Asthma Australia’s standing and reputation in the community.Asthma Australia will work with a variety of brands to support Asthma Australia’s work. Working with these brands does not automatically constitute as product endorsement.

Sponsorships do not constitute product endorsement

  1. Sponsorships/partnerships – Sponsorships are an important source of revenue for Asthma Australia enabling further impact in the lives of people with asthma. Asthma Australia does not endorse any individual product taking the approach asthma is a complex chronic health issue and every individual has different health needs.Asthma Australia will accept sponsorships as an additional source of revenue generation provided that all sponsorship alliances are developed and maintained within the requirements of the Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorship policy.

Use of Asthma Australia logos on products

  1. “Proudly supporting Asthma Australia” Logo – Asthma Australia authorises selected brands to feature the Proudly Supporting Asthma Australia logo. Use of this logo is indicative of its support of our wide program of strategic work to serve people with asthma. While a brand may proudly support Asthma Australia, this does not constitute a product endorsement.
  1. Asthma Australia “Standard” logo branded product – Some evidence-based products, such as spacers, feature the Asthma Australia logo by way of encouraging people with asthma to use the product because it has a solid evidence-base to prove to improve an individuals’ asthma control. Within a product category, Asthma Australia does not favour one product or brand over another in the same category.

Sale of products through Asthma Australia’s shops

  1. Medical Devices and device aids – Asthma Australia will follow TGA Guidelines and the Australian Asthma Handbook when deciding on what medical devices and device aids will be sold.Asthma Australia may stock a range of products in the same category. Decisions about which products will be stocked will be based on a range of factors including but not limited to, consumer need and profitability.
  1. Trigger minimisation / management products – Everybody’s health is individual, and a product may not suit everyone. Products that claim suitability for people with asthma, require robust evidence to support such claims. More research is needed for some products that claim benefits for people with asthma, these products may be sold by Asthma Australia for fundraising purposes and does not constitute an endorsement.Asthma Australia will not sell products that are harmful to health.
  1. Other products – From time to time Asthma Australia will sell products unrelated to asthma purely for fundraising and awareness purposes; example reusable coffee cup.


It is the responsibility of all Employees to correctly observe this policy when dealing with products and companies wanting brand endorsement.