One in nine people in Australia have asthma – but did you know an estimated 45% of them (aged 16 years and over) are living with poorly controlled asthma?

Check in on your asthma and ask “is my asthma really under control?”. If you’re experiencing regular asthma symptoms, using your reliever more than two days a week, or if your asthma stops you from doing what you want, then the answer to this might be no. Good asthma control means that you can live freely with your asthma.

An Asthma Review is a chance for you to talk to your doctor about what you wish was better about your asthma. We’ve developed a new resource to help guide you through your next appointment – the Asthma Review Worksheet 

If the 4 statements below aren’t true for you then it’s time to Talk Asthma. See your doctor for an Asthma Review to help get your asthma under control and feel healthy again. 

Talk Asthma with your doctor

With the right help, most people with asthma can achieve good asthma control. If you can’t answer yes to the four statements in this blog – there is probably room for improvement in your asthma control. Read on to find out how to Talk Asthma.


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Steph's asthma attacks left her Husband preparing for the worst

Steph was unaware that needing her blue/grey reliever puffer more than twice a week is a serious sign that needs attention…

 “I didn’t know at the time, but they had told my husband to prepare for the worst.

“There was no airflow into my left lung at all.” 

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