Are viruses, cold air or wood smoke triggering you this winter?  

We know winter can be a difficult, tiring, and frustrating season for people with asthma. The change of weather at the beginning of winter is also a time where many people end up in hospital because of asthma flare-ups, especially children.  

We’ve put together some ‘Asthma Basics’ for you and for your child to follow to help stop your triggers in their tracks this winter. We’ve also put together some information to help you identify triggers in your life and explain them to your kids.   

Are you waiting to see a GP about your or your child’s asthma this winter and unsure what questions to ask? Have you seen a doctor with concerns about asthma and left feeling deflated? We can help.   

Our team of friendly Asthma Educators are available to talk one-on-one. We are trained to assist you in better understanding asthma in a way that’s both helpful and easy to understand.  

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The Asthma Cough

Asthma cough can be challenging. It can be embarrassing or awkward to have an ongoing cough, especially amid increased anxiety over health during COVID-19 times.

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Cold Air As A Trigger

We know winter can be challenging for people with asthma. It’s another burden to manage. But there are steps you can take to breathe better this winter.

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Rain and Mould

Mould is bad for people with asthma. To reduce the risk of an asthma flare-up a person with asthma should aim to reduce their vulnerability to mould. Learn how. 

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