AirSmart – The Australian app for air quality

The AirSmart App gives you the information you need to plan your day and reduce exposure to air pollution. 

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You can view the AirSmart website and download the App here.  

The pilot AirSmart public education campaign and air quality app was launched in 2022 to test concepts before scaling up to a national rollout.

The AirSmart pilot was run over a six-week period from July 3 to August 13, 2022 in regional Victoria, ACT and Southern New South Wales communities like Wagga Wagga, Albury-Wodonga, and Ballarat. 

The pilot included a mass media and digital marketing campaign ‘AirSmart, make the invisible, visible’ with a call-to-action to download the free AirSmart App on Android and iOS.  

The pilot project tested marketing material and useability of the AirSmart App. 

Working with our expert advisory group, a full evaluation of the AirSmart pilot informed the national campaign roll out.  

Our Supporters & Funding 

The AirSmart pilot campaign and air quality app was made possible thanks to the support from the New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment; Perpetual; The SA Trust; Annie Danks Trust; and Asthma Australia Board of Directors. 

We are seeking funding to support the national campaign, to help improve our nation’s environmental health literacy about the air we breathe.   

Please contact us for more information.     

Why is Asthma Australia running AirSmart? 

The need for an AirSmart campaign has been clear since the 2019/2020 bushfire crisis when cities and communities were covered by toxic smoke pollution, often for weeks. The smoke caused a disproportionate impact on the health and wellbeing of people with asthma. During the bushfires, over 12,000 people shared their experiences with Asthma Australia through a survey. The results showed the health advice during the bushfire crisis didn’t appear to help people protect themselves against the smoke. Later inquiries recognised the need for a national air quality public education campaign. 

You can read more on the AirSmart pilot campaign website 

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