Latest findings from research make it unclear about the role of Vitamin D in managing asthma. 

Earlier research from 2016 suggests that Vitamin D may have a protective effect against asthma flare ups.[i] [ii] 

Now an updated review including more recent studies does not confirm these prior findings. 

We do know low blood levels of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) have been linked to a higher chance of asthma attacks. Our body naturally makes vitamin D when outside in the sun. But we also need to remember to be SunSmart while doing so. 

However, taking vitamin D supplements may not benefit everyone with asthma. At this stage there isn’t enough evidence to advise taking Vitamin D supplements as part of your asthma management.[iii] 

There is a need for more research to understand if vitamin D could benefit most people with asthma, or maybe only those people with severe asthma or only those with low Vitamin D levels to start with. 

Asthma Australia are proud to be funding research investigating Vitamin D levels during pregnancy and the impact on the respiratory outcomes of the infants. This project will hopefully inform future clinical trials by finding out the ideal time to supplement during pregnancy and what blood Vitamin D level to target, to improve the early life respiratory health of high-risk infants. 


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