Last updated on 27/08/2021

4DMedical partners with Asthma Australia assisting 2.7 million people to breathe easier

Today, Asthma Australia and 4DMedical announce a partnership recognising a mutual commitment to promote awareness and improve diagnostic technology for 2.7 million people living with asthma.

Asthma is a life-long respiratory condition which, when inflamed, makes it difficult to breathe and can be fatal. Symptoms often prevent people from participating in daily activities and when severe, asthma emergencies result in over 40,000 hospitalisations each year, with most of these children aged under 14 years.

The partnership aims to share connections and expertise enabling more Australians with asthma to lead safe and satisfying lives.

CEO of Asthma Australia Michele Goldman said they are supportive of advancements in technology for asthma diagnostics, treatment and management.

“Asthma is a condition that can be managed but often someone’s asthma will change throughout their lifespan, requiring regular check ins and adaptations in treatment.

“We welcome advanced technology like we’re seeing from 4DMedical, that will help better understand what’s going on in people’s lungs for improved care. We hope technology like this will help people live fuller, healthier lives.”

Asthma Australia works to assist the 2.7 million people with asthma including an information support service, advocacy efforts, raising awareness, and facilitating research innovation, treatment and education.

4DMedical is similarly committed to sustaining a nation of healthier, happier people affected by lung conditions like asthma.

Disrupting traditional diagnostic and surveillance methodologies using the most world’s advanced respiratory imaging technology, 4DMedical innovation enables lung condition to be assessed and monitored using highly detailed maps showing pulmonary function, lung motion and airflow. This XV Technology represents a quantum leap from spirometry tests routinely used by physicians to test lung function.

“Our team at 4DMedical is fundamentally driven by a desire to create a world where people with lung disease have better outcomes,” said Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andreas Fouras. “We respect the great work of patient advocacy organisations such as Asthma Australia, and see opportunities to work collaboratively to refine our unique and non-invasive imaging technologies, providing greater insight into lung function that is so critical in the analysis and management of respiratory diseases such as asthma.”