Last updated on 23/11/2018

People with asthma, particularly those triggered by dust, smoke and pollens are urged to keep vigilant with their asthma treatment in the following areas:

South East Queensland: a dust storm is expected today

Affected parts of New South Wales: dust remains airborne following yesterday’s dust storm

Campvale / Nelson Bay in the Hunter Region: bush fires are generating smoke

If people are experiencing adverse reactions including shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing or wheezing and if your asthma reliever is not helping, seek medical advice.

If you have asthma you are advised to:

  • Follow your Asthma Action Plan
  • Ensure you have a blue reliever puffer at hand. Blue puffers are available over the counter at any pharmacy.
  • Keep inside and close windows and doors to limit exposure
  • Travel home earlier or later from work to avoid exposure (Brisbane & Hunter Region)
  • Turn air conditioners off or to recycle inside air only
  • Avoid exercise
  • Ensure you or a loved one knows the 4 steps for asthma first aid and what to do in an asthma emergency
  • If you experience asthma symptoms and these worsen, seek medical intervention or in the event of an emergency call Triple Zero (000) and start asthma first aid.

Asthma First Aid

  1. Sit the person upright
  2. Give 4 separate puffs of a blue/grey reliever puffer
  3. Wait 4 minutes
  4. Repeat if no improvement
  5. If no improvement call Triple Zero (000)

Important Contacts

One in nine Australians have asthma and people with hay fever have a higher likelihood of experiencing asthma.