Last updated on 19/02/2021

FREE community event: Could it be asthma?

Is your hay fever disguising something more? Asthma Australia invites you to get your questions about asthma and allergies answered by respiratory experts.

On Saturday 20 March, from 10am – 2pm, Asthma Australia will be hosting a free educational event at the local Peterborough Youth Centre where attendees can learn more about asthma, allergies, and where to get help.

Delivered as part of the Implementing Community Responses to Asthma (ICRA) project and funded by Country SA PHN (CSAPHN), respiratory and health specialists will be available at the event to answer your questions about respiratory health.

South Australia has the highest prevalence of asthma in the country, particularly in the Mid North region – where Asthma Australia is actively working to reduce preventable hospitalisations and improve health outcomes for locals.

For more information, please contact Michelle Davis from Asthma Australia on 0481 172 911 or

Breathe Better in the Mid North:

 Your questions answered about asthma and allergies.

What: Educational event about managing asthma and allergies.

Date: Saturday 20 March 2021 

Time:  10am – 2pm, lunch included

Where: Peterborough Youth Centre, 290 Main Street, Peterborough 

Presenters:  Dr Ral Antic, Respiratory and Sleep Physician; Dr Kerry Hancock, GP; Ass/Prof Kingsley Coulthard, Pharmacist; and Vicky Legge, Registered Nurse and Asthma Trainer.