Last updated on 15/10/2020

Global Health’s Lifecard Personal Health platform partners with Asthma Australia

lifecardAustralian Healthcare Software provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce a new partnership of the Company’s Lifecard consumer health platform with Asthma Australia.

Almost 3 million Australian’s live with asthma, costing the community $28 Billion in real and hidden costs annually. Almost half of people living with asthma do not have control of their condition, with air pollution and recent weather events further impacting the incidence and severity of asthma.

Asthma Australia has a goal to halve avoidable asthma hospitalisations by 2030, with Lifecard positioned as a platform for empowering users to better manage their health and wellbeing.

Lifecard can connect consumers with their care team and empower consumers to work in tandem with their healthcare specialists to boost compliance with prescribed care plans. Integrated with Global Health’s ReferralNet, a Secure Messaging platform, subscribers can receive health and medical information directly into their Lifecard Personal Health Record. The data is stored in machine and human-readable formats and is accessible from the palm of consumers’ hands.

Subscribers to Lifecard have total control of their records. They can choose to share some or all of their personal health information with nominated healthcare providers, carers, coaches and family members.

Work has begun to integrate Lifecard with wearables and remote monitoring devices. This additional data will allow a more complete and real-time view of a consumer’s health within their Lifecard record, enabling consumers and their healthcare providers to make more informed decisions about their health. Asthma-related data including peak expiration flow rate and forced expiratory volume are both scheduled for integration from wearables to the Lifecard phone app.

Global Health Managing Director Mathew Cherian, said:

Lifecard is a longitudinal health record for recording and tracking a person’s medical conditions, treatments, medications, measurements and vital signs from conception through to old age. The utility of the platform changes as a person moves through various life stages across infancy, adolescence, adulthood and senior living.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and what we can achieve together with Asthma Australia. Our shared belief and vision is that the Lifecard platform is an invaluable tool to help consumers manage their long-term conditions and encourage a healthy lifestyle through pro-active engagement.

CEO of Asthma Australia Michele Goldman, said:

“People with asthma will often see more than one health professional over the course of time, even multiple visits to different emergency departments. We often hear that people with asthma get rather exhausted retelling their health history, which can be complex and traumatic, and that doctors appreciate the opportunity to assess a health record.

Lifecard is all about more complete information with a holistic picture that enables more insightful conversations between a patient and their doctor. We see this partnership as a great opportunity for people with asthma to embrace a health tool, and another step toward individualised, personcentred health care.”

The Lifecard app is free and available for download via the Apple App or Google Play stores with some third-party content and modules available for additional fees.