Last updated on 24/01/2018

New three-year pharmacy partnership to boost services for millions of Australians with asthma

Asthma Australia and TerryWhite Chemmart have entered a three-year partnership to support people with asthma across Australia.

Beginning with this month’s Back to School asthma campaign, TerryWhite Chemmart has pledged funding and in-store support to help Asthma Australia reach a broader audience.

CEO of Asthma Australia, Michele Goldman said, “This partnership allows us to strengthen our presence in the community, building on work we have done in other healthcare settings.”

The Back to School asthma campaign reminds parents to update asthma action plans and provide them to schools alongside spare medication, to minimise the risk of severe asthma flare-ups at school.

As well as awareness raising activities, TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacists will connect consumers with Asthma Australia’s support services including the 1800 ASTHMA Helpline (1800 278 462) and will raise funds to support people with asthma.

Anthony White, CEO of Terry White Chemmart said, “We are delighted with this partnership as it offers us the opportunity to add real value to the services we provide to people with asthma.”

“We have great respect for the work done by Asthma Australia and see some excellent benefits for our staff and consumers through the partnership.”

The overuse of reliever medication in the Australian asthma population has been evidenced in recent studies, and one of Asthma Australia’s key aims is to support people with asthma to use medication appropriately and get the best possible asthma control.

Community pharmacies play a key role in this aim, having regular contact with people with asthma who must access medication via pharmacies. Asthma reliever medication is available for purchase without prescription.

Ms Goldman said, “Pharmacists may be the only health professional that some people with asthma see on a regular basis. They are uniquely positioned to offer advice and referrals, particularly for people struggling with symptoms whose asthma is poorly controlled.

Demonstrating device technique is another key service pharmacists can offer to help people with asthma ensure they are using medication correctly and getting the maximum benefit.”