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To help people to breathe so they can live freely.

We help people to live their life. To breathe easy. And not just to live, but to have a full and empowered life, striving for goals and achieving them. A life without limits.

When you’re a young person with asthma, or you have a child with asthma– we’re here.

When you have asthma and you exercise, or you’re having a baby– we’re here. When you need to learn about triggers, prevention, or puffers – we’re here.

And with one in every nine Australians directly impacted by asthma, our work is critical to the health of all Australians. It is  among the top 20 reasons people present to hospital emergency departments. More than 400 people die every year. It costs our health system more than $1 billion annually.

Asthma matters to all of us. Asthma Australia is here for you and your family when you need us.



Asthma Australia is a for-purpose, consumer organisation with a history of improving the lives of people with asthma.

We operate across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory to deliver evidence-based prevention and health strategies to more than half a million people each year. Asthma Australia works in partnership with the Asthma Foundations of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We work with people with asthma, their family and friends, health professionals, researchers and governments. We find the best treatments and practices to make sure life with asthma is the best it can be.

We believe the best way to improve the lives of people with the lifelong condition of asthma is through education and training. So that’s what we do.

Asthma Australia operates 1800 ASTHMA an information line that assists thousands of people every year. Our Asthma Assist information service guides people with asthma to manage their disease in the best way possible.

And we educate the community, with thousands of school staff trained to know what to do when a child has an asthma flare-up or an asthma attack.

Ultimately, we wish Asthma Australia didn’t have to exist. We want to cure asthma forever, so we support Australian cutting-edge research for that, too.

Asthma Australia is grateful for the financial support provided by government, but we rely on the generous donations from the community. Thank you for helping us to help people breathe.



A community free of asthma

At Asthma Australia we are committed to halving the number of avoidable hospital presentations because of asthma by 2030. That will mean more than 16,000 fewer avoidable trips to the emergency department.

Currently out of the 40,000 hospitalisations, 80% are avoidable. Our target is to reduce the avoidable asthma hospitalisations down to 16,000 by 2030.

We want everyone in the community to understand asthma so they can help if they are in an emergency situation.

We want to challenge the way we do things now, to keep improving asthma prevention and treatment outcomes for people with asthma.

We will challenge and we will bring our imagination to creating a better tomorrow.

At Asthma Australia, we help people to breathe. And you can help, too.

Find out more about asthma here. Find out more about prevention and treatment here.

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  • We know what works.  We define what’s next.
  • We empathise. We empower.
  • We’re constant, reliable and resilient. We’re dynamic and evolving.
  • We’re caring. We’re courageous.
  • We do serious work.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Asthma Australia Values