Asthma Control Questionnaire

Asthma Control Questionnaire

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The Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ5), is a tool used to help you rate your asthma symptoms. The 5 questions ask you about the effects of your asthma symptoms from the past week.  It then calculates your level of asthma control. Take the Asthma Control Questionnaire now. 

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Once you submit your answers to the Asthma Control Questionnaire, you will be prompted to provide some basic details. This is so we can send you a copy of your responses, your results and recommended next steps. 

If you wish to discuss your results with an Asthma Educator or complete it together with one of our Educators, you can book a phone call at a time that suits you.


Why do the Asthma Control Questionnaire?  

Doing the ACQ5 is not a test – it’s to help you and others better understand your asthma health.   

Having well controlled asthma is the best way to make sure you can stay well and remain free from symptoms. This will ensure you can keep doing all the things you want and love in life. 

  • It can be used at different times to see whether there has been a change in your asthma control.   
  • It can measure improvements that might mean your medicine or other treatments have been working.  
  • It can also measure worsening asthma -when your symptoms have been triggered by things like weather or a virus.  

 The ACQ5 score guides our Asthma Educators and your doctor on how they can best help you to manage your asthma.   


Who can complete the Questionnaire? 

The Asthma Control Questionnaire is suitable for anyone with asthma or asthma-like symptoms who are 12 years and older. 

For kids aged 7 to 11 years, it’s better for parents or carers to contact our Asthma Educators to complete the questionnaire together. 


What does your Asthma Score mean? 

The ACQ5 Scoring Guide /Asthma Control Questionnaire works out your score from your responses using a tested formula. Your score is then used to match to the asthma control levels below:    

 The ACQ5 and the asthma control levels are only measuring your symptoms and are not a measure of your ability to manage your asthma. 


Terms of Use 

Validation of the Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ5) 

The Asthma Control Questionnaire has been validated by Clinical Trial for adults and is undergoing further testing for all children 7-17 years.  It is a recognised clinical asthma symptom measurement tool within the Australian Asthma Handbook Guidelines, 2022 and internationally. 

The tool itself has been developed by ACQ© 2002 QOL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd, and Asthma Australia as the peak body for people with asthma have the license to administer the questionnaire and support people in their asthma journey, together with their treating health professionals. 

Asthma Scoring Tools are not intended to be used by members of the public in place of health professional advice. 

For more information on the Asthma Control Questionnaire, you can contact us on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462).