About the Asthma Essentials Checklist

The Asthma Essentials Checklist is a series of questions about how you may be looking after your asthma or the asthma in someone that you care for.  

Your response to the questions helps to identify how you may be managing asthma currently and areas in which you could improve or take additional steps, so you can live more freely with asthma. 

There are 11 questions in total, and it will only take you a few minutes to complete. 

Once you complete it, we will send you a copy of your responses, your results and recommended next steps that best suit your needs. 

If you wish to discuss your results with an Asthma Educator or complete it together with one of our Educators over the phone, you can book a phone call at a time that suits you.

Who is it for?

The Asthma Essentials Checklist is suitable for anyone with asthma or asthma-like symptoms and also those that care for others with asthma. 

We tailor the information based on your connection to asthma and your age.

Get started

We have two Asthma Essentials Checklist options. One for someone who has asthma or asthma like symptoms and the other, aimed at carers i.e., someone who is caring for another person who as asthma or asthma like symptoms.

Who are you completing the Asthma Essentials Checklist for?

Please select from one of the options below:

Myself, the person with asthma or asthma like symptoms

Someone I care for who has asthma or asthma like symptoms


Why do the Asthma Essentials Checklist?

Doing the Checklist is not a test – it’s to help you and others better understand your asthma health.   

It looks to see if you have a few essential steps in place when it comes to managing your asthma or asthma in someone else. Things like

  • Do you know how to identify asthma symptoms and what may be triggering your asthma flare-ups or attacks?
  • Do you have an Asthma Action Plan in place and know what the steps in it are guiding you to do?
  • Do you review your asthma health regularly with a treating health professional to keep on top of changes, know your options and to help manage your lifelong condition.
  • Do you know what to do in an asthma emergency?

 The information we provide you when you complete the Checklist can support you in your day-to-day management of asthma and also lift your current understanding and confidence.


Terms of Use

The health information provided is based on the Australian Asthma Handbook, Version 2.2, 2022.

Asthma Australia information does not replace professional medical advice. People should ask their doctor any questions about diagnosis and treatment.