This World Asthma Day, we’ll be talking about this year’s theme “Asthma Care For All” in the Australian setting and pilot projects that will influence tomorrow’s business as usual.

Join us as we share our learnings and discoveries in addressing high asthma burden alongside the people living in diverse and remote communities who are experiencing it.

We will be presenting three community engagement projects that are truly consumer-led:

Understanding by listening: The needs of primary school aged kids – Presented by Kawsar Elmir
Hear about our journey in understanding the needs of primary school aged children with asthma, utilising insights from a pilot project in Western Sydney and beyond. Throughout this journey we developed the skills to listen to, and better engage with, specific communities with unmet needs both during the project and into the future. The rich engagement from community members is a testament to our learning journey and the valuable role of our consumers in helping influence the way we collaborate with them to better support their needs. Their generosity during the codesign and consultation process is something we are grateful for and defines our work moving forward.

Following community’s lead: Mid North shows us the way to the southern Yorke Peninsula and beyond – Presented by Michelle Davis
The Mid North community showed us how we needed to reframe and reset how we support people living with asthma, particularly in remote communities. It was the first iteration of our Asthma Community Connector model, in which a member of the community with lived experience of asthma empowers consumers to take action and seek good asthma care.

Setting up for the community voice: The Tasmanian Discovery Project – Presented by Jess Tyler
The Tasmanian Discovery Project is seeking to understand the community’s experience of asthma in Tasmania, gathering insights from Tasmanians about the current needs, gaps and challenges with the goal of codesigning potential solutions in partnership with community. This is also the critical first step in identifying which communities may be ready for a dedicated Asthma Community Connector program modelled on the Mid North project, to create Asthma Smart Communities in Tasmania.

Q&A Session
Get involved and ask any questions you may have about our past, present and future projects.

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