To help you manage your asthma and allergies during this time, we encourage the use of pollen monitoring to ensure you are prepared.

Adelaide Pollen Count

The partnership between Asthma Australia, the University of Adelaide, and the AusPollen Aeroallergen Collaboration Network headed up by the Queensland University of Technology.

Adelaide Pollen Count samples are collected each day at 9 am, counted in the laboratory, and reported daily at 11 am.

grass pollen levels

Data provided by The University of Adelaide Pollen Monitoring Site managed by WayCott and affiliated with AusPollen Aerobiology Collaboration Network.

University of AdelaideAusPollenSAPN


The AusPollen pollen forecast monitors levels of airborne grass pollen across the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland , Victoria, and Tasmania and provides allergy and asthma patients with accurate, relevant, localised information on pollen counts.

Visit their website here for relevant information in your state/territory, or take a look at the pollen count update below, noting that some states start monitoring in different months due to seasonal changes in that particular state. 

Melbourne Pollen Count

Melbourne pollen monitoring can be found here.

Canberra Pollen Count

Canberra pollen monitoring can be found here.

Sydney Pollen Count

Sydney pollen monitoring can be found here.

Brisbane Pollen Count

Other websites and apps

AirRater is a free, award-winning smartphone app developed by the University of Tasmania. The app is designed to help people with asthma, hay fever, or other lung conditions to better manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. 

AirRater provides easily accessible, real-time, and local information on pollen and allows you to track symptoms and identify which conditions affect your health. The app also sends alerts when the pollen is high or air quality is poor – helping you understand when you need to take action. 

The app is freely available across Tasmania, the ACT, and the Northern Territory and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit 


VicEmergency is a centralised website for Victorians to find emergency information and warnings. The website has a real-time map display with incidents across the state including thunderstorm asthma warnings. 

Visit the website or download the mobile app. 

For pollen monitoring in Victoria, you may like to save this Melbourne Pollen page as one of your favourites.

If you do not see your state or territory listed, it is likely there isn’t one available and therefore we ask you to be vigilant and prepared when it comes to your asthma and allergies.