Breathe Better In The Gong

The Breathe Better in the Gong project aims to create an Asthma Smart Community in Wollongong, New South Wales. This new project focuses on children aged five to nine years old, as asthma has the greatest impact on this group. 

We are working directly with the community, to ensure the Breathe Better in the Gong project meets the needs of children and their families and carers, and ultimately, really makes a difference. 

Local stakeholders recently came together in two co-design workshops at which Elder Aunty Joyce Donovan (pictured) gave the Welcome to Country. Participants included parents of children with asthma, school staff, ED representatives, Community Asthma Program Nurses, a GP, a Pharmacist, PHN staff, a Health Promotion Practitioner and staff from Refugee Health Services. However, many other local services and organisations who couldn’t attend have agreed to be involved, including First Nations and multicultural organisations.  

The workshops identified the causes of the problems that contribute to poor asthma outcomes for children with asthma. They also developed a framework for action which highlights what is already being done well, what is missing and where might we achieve the most impact. Now we begin the task of designing together the collaborative program strategies that will address the causes of the issues impacting children with asthma.  

The project will continue for three years and is funded by the Pearl Sheppard Fund. 

Asthma Smart Community Schools in Wollongong

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