Julia Ovens, an HR professional living with asthma, describes her experience living with asthma and discusses the ways medical practitioners can develop a more patient-centric approach to asthma management.

Questions asked in the video

  1. Can you tell us about when you were first diagnosed with asthma? 0:00
  2. Do you remember how you felt at the time? 0:31
  3. What are some daily challenges of living with asthma that doctors should discuss with patients? 0:54
  4. How important is it for you to have a management plan for your asthma? 1:59
  5. What does your self-management of asthma involve? 2:40
  6. Do you have any advice on how patients with asthma should be treated? 3:19
  7. Is it important that you are treated as an equal partner when making decisions about asthma treatment? 4:24
  8. What advice would you give GPs about seeing the ‘whole person’? 5:10

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Duration: 6:10