Last updated on 24/05/2022


Asthma Australia is reminding people with asthma to take safety precautions when cleaning mould, as lingering damp from months of rainfall has helped create serious ongoing household mould problems in parts of Australia. 

If possible, people with asthma should organise for someone else to do the cleaning; if that is not an option, they should be sure to follow strict personal protective measures to avoid health problems.  

Mould and mould spores are common triggers for asthma flareups, and is now growing on many walls, furniture, windows, curtains and clothing in areas that have endured ongoing rainfall for much of the year, and flooding. 

“The dampness that’s common in many households is a perfect breeding ground for mould, and for people living with asthma, there’s a health risk if that mould gets stirred up and into their airways,” Asthma Australia CEO Michele Goldman said. 

“It’s important that mould is cleaned to remove those dangers, but it must be cleaned in a safe manner with the right safety gear to avoid breathing the spores and causing asthma flareups.  

 “Any irritation and tightness in the lungs, difficulties breathing, feeling fluey, are all potential signs you’ve inhaled mould spores or dust. 

“The dangers from the rain are ongoing, often microscopic and hidden, and awareness is vital; Asthma Australia urges people to be aware of those symptoms and contact your doctor if you have any concerns.” 

Asthma Australia is advising people to remove mould promptly and as safely as possible, by following health guidelines. 

It there is no alternative for those with asthma when cleaning, always remember to use rubber gloves, waterproof footwear, safety goggles and P2 facemasks. Remember, harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine can trigger breathing difficulties and alternatives such as vinegar solutions are proven to work. 

People who have questions about mould and asthma management can call Asthma Australia on 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462) from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, or can email  

People who are experiencing breathing problems and persistent asthma symptoms should seek medical support.  

To learn more about the breathing risks from mould and safe clean-up, visit or follow Asthma Australia on Facebook or Instagram. 

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