Last updated on 09/11/2023


A community fundraiser car show and cruise will be held in memory of Hannah Henderson-Wilson and her unborn son Carter, who died suddenly from an asthma attack last November, age 20.

The organiser is Hannah’s father Kane Oats.

Event Title: Show and Shine in Memory of Hannah. Facebook event ‘Hannah’s Cruise, Show & Shine’

Date: Saturday November 25

What: Up to 250 cars will go on show before cruising along a designated route. Hannah’s Cruise Raffle to be drawn on the day.

Event: Point Malcolm Reserve Semaphore Park, Adelaide

When: Registration and gates open 9am costing $25 to enter their car includes Souvenir Package

Open to the public to view and enjoy the cars. Gold Coin donation entry, all proceeds go to Asthma Australia.

Cruise start: 2pm, destination to be announced on the day

Interviews: Kane Oates (pre and during event)

Vision: On the day, car show and cruise.

Donations can be made online at:

Hannah’s Tragic Story

Hannah Henderson-Wilson had always been a real car person, she liked to go to car shows and was climbing the ranks on the race dirt circuit.

She was also preparing to be a first-time mum to her unborn son Carter, with her partner Mark.

“Hannah has always struggled with her asthma, like her personality, it was spontaneous,” recalls her father Kane.

“She’d be sitting here, probably talking and the next minute she wasn’t able to breathe. It was regular, she had to visit the hospital quite often.”

But for Kane, he never thought asthma would claim the life of his 20-year-old daughter and his future grandchild.

“She was at home, home from work.  She was in the backyard hanging clothes on the line.  She said to her partner, Mark, that she wasn’t feeling well.  I think she called the ambulance herself. She walked from the backyard to the front yard and collapsed in the driveway. That’s basically where it all happened. Six paramedics worked on her but couldn’t do anything for her.”

“I miss her smile and all those little wisecracks that she had. It’s been a real shock. I want everyone to know that asthma is dangerous and to act on it quickly.”

Kane is running the Show and Shine event in memory of his daughter and unborn grandchild to raise awareness and funds for asthma. He hopes to make it an annual community event.

For more information contact Kane Oats 0400 072 454.  For interviews with Asthma Australia contact Brand Lead – Teresa Vella 0403 895 144 e.