Last updated on 10/11/2023


Asthma Australia is urging people with asthma or hay fever to be vigilant with an Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma forecast for HIGH, Saturday 11 November.

The Victorian Health Department released the forecast at 4:42PM this afternoon.

Sensitive people should avoid exposure to extreme levels of pollen combined with thunderstorms, which can burst pollen particles into smaller pieces, triggering asthma symptoms deep in the lungs.  People who have never experienced asthma before may experience symptoms.

Thunderstorm asthma is a life-threatening event that can affect a large number of the population.

Asthma Australia’s advice is as follows:

  1. Go inside and close your doors and windows and use an air purifier with HEPA filter if you have one.
  2. Keep your asthma reliever on hand OR know how to access this medicine if your loved one has asthma.Use your hay fever medicine normally, as recommended by your pharmacist or doctor
  3. Follow your written Asthma Action Plan.
  4. Never ignore asthma symptoms like breathlessness, wheezing and tightness in the chest. Start Asthma First Aid immediately and call Triple Zero (000) for help if symptoms do not get any better or if they start to get worse.
  5. Keep up to date with weather alerts and advice in your local area.

Direct people to for asthma first aid.