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Asthma is the fourth most prevalent disease in Tasmania (1) yet only a small percentage of the state’s
healthcare budget has been committed to this chronic condition. With an election announced,
Asthma Australia is calling on candidates and an incoming government to commit to and invest in
Asthma Australia’s plan to improve asthma supports in Tasmania.

Asthma Australia CEO Michele Goldman said that Tasmania must advance asthma supports available
outside of primary and acute care settings and in the community where health, wellbeing and cost
outcomes can be dramatically improved.

“Unmanaged asthma has a significant impact on people’s lives and the healthcare system. In 2019
more than 1,000 Tasmanians were hospitalised with asthma (2), with 80 per cent of these
hospitalisations potentially preventable,” Ms Goldman said (3).

Asthma Australia’s 2024-2025 Pre-Budget Submission identified three funding priorities to increase
investment in respiratory health. These are:

  1. Increased support for a continued Asthma Management Program to help people with
    asthma and their carers manage their asthma according to best practice and with evidence based
  2. Support for a new initiative, the Asthma Smart Community Model, which has been trialled in
    other jurisdictions, and which we believe will benefit those Tasmanians and their carers who
    have asthma and will reduce demands on the health system.
  3. Funding for AirSmart, a national public education campaign that aims to provide people with
    information, tools and strategies for people to minimise or avoid exposure to unhealthy air.

“Tasmanians have told us that they want the tools to more confidently manage their own care in a
supportive environment. We also know that creating educated and sympathetic communities with
clean air means the burden and impact of asthma can be dramatically reduced.

“Asthma Australia is committed to halving the number of avoidable asthma hospital presentations
by 2030. We believe that by listening to those living with asthma and designing solutions with them,
people with asthma can live freely, unrestricted by their asthma. We are calling on all candidates this
election to make that same commitment to the people of Tasmania.”

Asthma Australia’s Tasmanian 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission is available here:



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Contact Trinity Frederick, 0413 99 22 82

Asthma Australia is the nation’s peak body representing 2.7 million Australians living with asthma.
We’ve been here since 1962 and even though a lot has changed since then, asthma continues to
claim a life each day and is the number one health condition burdening Aussie children. Asthma is an
inflammatory condition of the airways, restricting airflow and can be fatal. There is no cure, but
most people with asthma can experience good control.