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Below are our flagship programs


Our Asthma Educators answer asthma questions and provide support for not only people with asthma but their carers.

Our Asthma Educators are trained to assist with Australian best-practice asthma management and evidence-based information.

They’re available Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm AEST

Learn more about 1800 ASTHMA.

Asthma Champion Program

The Asthma Champion Program (around 160 strong) represents the 2.7 million Australians with asthma, so why not be part of the conversation?

They make a difference in a number of different ways

  • Working with us to raise vital awareness
  • Participating in research, surveys, and political advocacy
  • Co-designing health programs for better asthma outcomes
  • Representing asthma in their community

Learn more about the Asthma Champion Program

Training and Education

Asthma Australia provides quality education to the public and health professionals. We have developed asthma related education, incorporating the latest information and best practice asthma management information.

We work with thousands of school staff every year to train them to identify an asthma flare-up and to know what to do when a child has an asthma attack.

We have developed Asthma Training Courses in consultation with relevant peak bodies to ensure our courses incorporate the latest information and best practice advice.

Learn more about education and training.

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